Awabi Australia Premium Baby Tape Diapers/Model:AWB02/Large pack/Size M

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Aiwibi Diapers are designed to keep your baby dry and happy, all day long. The super-cute designs mean your little one can look great and feel great too, no matter where the day takes you.?

How Do Aiwibi Diapers Keep My Baby Dry?
These Aiwibi Diapers are designed with an absorbent Leak Lock system that can provide up to 12 hours of dryness and protection for your child. They also feature a DryTouch diaper liner that works to absorb wetness and lock it away, where it can't irritate your baby's skin. The Aiwibi diapers also have a wetness indicator, so you'll always know when your baby needs a change.

Premium Tape Specifications:
>Super soft finishing touch. 
>Printed, breathable cloth-like back sheet.
>Velcro flexible fastening systems. 
>Waterproof leg cuffs. 
>Shaped crotch like briefs. 
>Wetness indicator. 
>ADL in white colour. 
>Fully covered & stretchable waistband. 
>Sandia SAP (Originate from Japan). 
>Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp (Originate from USA). 
Size S - 4-9kg  (Length400mm,Width 320mm)
Size M - 6-11kg  (Length 450mm,Width 320mm)
Size L - 9-14kg  (Length 490mm, Width 320mm)
Size XL - >13kg  (Length 530mm, Width 320mm)